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About Us

Supported by the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI), this is the first ever recruitment platform for the insurance industry in Hong Kong built by an industry think-tank Club 2028. 


In view of the lack of a trustworthy website on insurance jobs in the market for job seekers, the Club 2028 had contemplated the idea of building this recruitment website for the local insurance industry.  It serves as a centralized platform providing insurance jobs as well as career information to the job seekers and connecting them with the potential employers. 


About Club 2028

Club 2028 is an insurance industry think-tank set up under the HKFI to align with its Vision 2028.  The members comprise experts of various fields from different insurance companies.  The Club is set up to help:

  1. Identify the future development challenges, opportunities, and trends of the industry;
  2. Find out and recommend practical ways to address the issues and gaps identified;
  3. Facilitate constructive dialogue with interested stakeholders on common areas of concern to the industry;
  4. Act as a platform to promote public understanding of the value of insurance and insurance as a career in support of talent development.


About HKFI

The HKFI was established on 8 August 1988 to advance and promote the development of the insurance business in Hong Kong. Following its conversion to a limited company on 29 December 1994, the HKFI became a consolidated and streamlined organization that enjoys full recognition by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the representative body of an increasingly important industry.